Music Producer Needs A Vocalist

Music producer looking for topline writers and vocalist

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Ryan Blyth’s musical adventure started when he was 16 years of age, by been introduced to DJ’ing. One year later, by the age of 17 Ryan started playing at various venues in and around the Huddersfield area, at that time his home town. Securing residencies at already well established venues meant that Ryan was able to move further a field securing other Residencies at larger more high profile events and venues across the north of England, such as Heaven and Hell. Ryan’s early influences came from the likes of Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez and David Morales, who helped develop and shape Ryan’s love of house music. Being a club DJ through and through, it was the more up front, bass driven and vocally house sound that Ryan would play out on a regular basis at one of his numerous Residencies

After becoming one of the promoters of the Dawn Chorus brand, Ryan decided to focus his spare time in the pursuit of musical production. His love of House and the knowledge he had gained over the years of residencies and playing to large crowds gave Ryan the confidence to make the music that he knew would get any dance floor moving. With infectious vocals, driving bass lines, all which had been derived from the sound of house he was playing, Ryan soon found the pieces of the puzzles all fitting together and was soon becoming a one man music making machine!! Over the last 7 years of making music Ryan has produced no less that 400 tracks, all of which have a distinctive Ryan Blyth sound, a seal of approval that is guaranteed to get the floor moving and grooving quite wildly!!

The future for Ryan will see the development of Dawn Chorus Records, a label set up by the owners of Dawn Chorus to help push Ryan’s music to a wider audience. Already with a number one first release (No 1 on DJdownload from 10th May 2010 through to (its still there!!) !!) “Telling Lies” featuring Amy Giscombe is Ryan’s first song writing showcase and has proved to be so popular that it has taken Ryan’s persona to the next level. With more still waiting to be released and the skills that have been refined over the last 7 years, Ryan’s popularity is set to go from strength to strength.

Look out for him in 2014 as starting his own label Tuttifrutti Records.
Founded in spring 2014 Tutti Frutti brings you the latest in all things House from up and coming producers and artists. The critically acclaimed ‘Nail Ya Dry’ from Your Words will be Tutti Frutti’s first release, with support remixes from the likes of Thomas Graham, A Lister, Alex Ross, Fielden and Ali Emm to name a few. Always one step ahead expect nothing but the freshest tracks here first. The new home of house.

Tutti Frutti music that makes you Dance..

Project Description from Ryan;
“I have a finished track (listen to the snippet below) and I am looking for a vocalist for the track, The track will be for sale as part of my E.P. I am looking for either male or female vocalist, MUST have faculties to record. the vocal required is only a short piece which can be written either as a joint effort or by themselves. The piece would suit someone singing or talking depending on there tone. I will add some YouTube videos to give you an idea of the style I am after please see the project photos and video section”.

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  1. Cassie says:

    I am a singer songwriter who works with a platinum selling producer. I may be able to assist.

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