Vocal Live 3

TC-Helicon has announced the arrival of its VoiceLive 3 vocal effects processor.

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

The all new flagship vocal and singer processor and effects unit has been unveiled. Great for singing live at gigs or using for sininging teaching and lessons the VoiceLive Series, the TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 has been developed to offer vocalists new levels of personal and professional control over their live voice sounds and effects. Introducing next generation hardware processing and a comprehensive vocal effects path, featuring 11 independent effects blocks; over 180 different styles and 250 presets available as new (and 1,000+ more available for free internet download).

It also has vocal effects offering, the new processer also includes a vast selection of guitar effects, with stomp box styles taken directly from the TC Electronic line of TonePrint pedals. These include Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, and Vortex Flanger, along with a host of brand new effects, such as Talk Box, Chopper, Bass, Wah and Drive. A selection of old fashion British and American amp emulations is also available, while Acoustic Mode allows for quick setup of VoiceLive 3 for acoustic guitar.

Plus, the VoiceLive 3 also adds a phrase looper designed to act as an ideal tool for song creation, loop jams and arranging backing tracks on-the-fly. The built-in LoopAssist function features a multi-purpose metronome and quantisation to assist sync loops, while auto-expansion of loop length facilitates the additional of long loops on top of short ones, and vice versa, without having to set up the timing in advance.

Key features:

• New Harmony modes – Pedal, Fixed, and Mixed-Mode – for expanded voicing and musical possibilities.

• New authentic Vocoder with voice-controlled polyphonic synth and robot modes, allowing singers to play their voice like an instrument.

• Automatically and professionally produced vocal sound with enhanced Adaptive Tone.

• Improved suite of TC-Helicon’s vocal effects, e.g. Doubling, Harmony, Echo, Reverb, HardTune, Flanger, Chopper, Choir, and more. Upgrades include new delay filters, new HardTune styles, better sounding doubling and more realistic harmonies.

• 250 factory presets, with onboard storage for 500 presets in total. Download and manage more presets via TC-Helicon’s free VoiceSupport app.

Watch the demo video here from You Tube.

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2 Responses to TC-Helicon has announced the arrival of its VoiceLive 3 vocal effects processor.

  1. Bob Elliott says:

    Hello! I am very interested in the unit but would like to know if it is possible to pass backing tracks through instead of guitar in order for me to sing along with the track and use the harmony settings? I no longer gig due to age and health problems and only play at home for my own pleasure. I,ve have a Digitech vocal 300 and feel this is more for DJ,s to make funny voices and does,nt fit my needs. Can you oblige? Cheers Bob Elliott

    • Simon Devlin says:

      Yes we believe this is possible. Just tried it on the Boss unit we currently have here and it works fine so presume the TC unit will do the same for a singer and vocalist.

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