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Offspring Singer In Financial Trouble

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Offspring lead singer Dexter Holland has serious financial problems. Cessna wants to repossess two planes from him because he failed to pay them back for a third plane he tried to buy.

Cessna’s finance corporation says the singer is $782,422.16 in debt to them, according to a lawsuit filed this week, and obtained by TMZ.

Holland’s issues date back to 2007 when according to the documents, he financed a plane, but eventually had trouble making the payments.

Cessna claims it struck a deal with Holland. He sold the aircraft privately, gave those funds to Cessna, and they gave him until 2017 to pay off the remaining balance. He also had to put up 2 other planes he owns as collateral.

But Cessna says he hasn’t made a payment in about a year, so they are now suing for those other planes or the $782K.


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