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Gary Barlow Becomes Wedding Crasher

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Imagine you have just got married and you are on the dance floor when the Take That song A Million Love Songs starts to play, but something sounds different. You turn round to see Gary Barlow performing the hit song live just for you.

That’s just what happened for one very lucky Take That fan recently.

Louise Francis has always loved Take That. She has owned numerous fan items including t-shirts and even Take That dolls and attended many of their concerts.

When she announced that she was getting married to her childhood sweetheart, her best friend Emily Alcorn decided to campaign to have Gary Barlow appear at Louise’s wedding by bombarding his Twitter account with one tweet every day for a year asking him to attend the wedding and make her friend’s dreams come true.

After six months Gary Barlow was made aware of this campaign and decided to contact Emily to arrange a surprise appearance.

“I honestly thought he’d contacted me for a restraining order,” explains Emily. Instead he revealed he was planning to make her best friend’s dreams come true, swearing her to secrecy until the moment he walked onto the dancefloor. “The whole place erupted because no one knew,” she recalls. “Louise was so shocked”

Afterwards Gary handed a microphone to Louise and the pair performed Relight My Fire together.

“I’m not the greatest singer so I was quite embarrassed,” explained Louise. “I just thought, ‘savour this moment, just keep staring at him and touch him if you can.’ I kept touching his face and I don’t know why. He was so nice and not at all diva-ish.”

Gary Barlow’s surprise wedding appearance can be seen in the BBC1 documentary ‘When Corden Met Barlow’ tomorrow night at 9pm.


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