Edward Alexo

Greek Singer From Northampton Wins ‘Home Composed’ Eurovision Song Contest

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

A Greek singer from Northampton is celebrating winning a Eurovision competition for his native country.

Edward Alexo, aged 26, who lives in Hunsbury, finished first in the Home Composed Song Contest 2013, a song contest designed for fans of Eurovision.

A number of previous winners of the competition have gone on to write Eurovision songs and Mr Alexo, who works as a capital analyst for Sainsbury’s, said he hoped to get some recording work from his recent success.

The winning song, Waiting ‘Til May, beat a UK entry by 18 points in the Eurovision-style voting system.

Mr Alexo said: “We recorded most of the song on my laptop in a bedroom with the mattress up against the wall.

“We had a lot of different sounds in the song and the idea was to get a lot of Greek sounds into it.”

Mr Alexo, who moved to the UK when he was two years old, said he was a self-taught musician and had recorded a number of songs with his brother, Alex.

He said: “We like the Euro-
vision Song Contest as it is a competition where anyone can win as it is a level playing field.

“I would love to write a song for Eurovision or even to have my music featured on an advert would be great.”

The Home Composed Song Contest is open to anyone in a country involved in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The contest sees the entrants score their competitors to decide the winner.


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