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Celine Dion Dead? Hoax Does Not Sit Well With Singer

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

A number of Facebook posts suggesting that Celine Dion is dead, having been killed in a sudden and tragic accident, are making the online rounds.

They are not true. And she is not happy about it.

The Canadian singer said that the death rumors make her “a little mad” (this isn’t the first time), mostly because of the impact they have on her family.

“Sometimes it’s freaky because I have to call my family about it,” she said. “The thing that worries me is my mom. It makes me a little mad – she’s 86 years old.”

“I’m on the phone telling her I’m OK four seconds after it’s on the news… it doesn’t matter what they say, the impact it has on your family is very real.”

“I was celebrating the birthday of my twins in Montreal and I was getting these phone calls saying that there was stuff on Facebook that I was dead.”

Dion clarified after the fact that such death hoaxes make her “stay away from that side of things even more,” before adding: “But I’m glad I’m not dead!”

One story claimed that she had died in a car crash, while another stated it was a plane crash. Neither is true. Nor was it the first time this has occurred.

“Many years ago I [apparently] killed myself in my own garage,” she recalled of hoaxes past. “Don’t ask me why I don’t want to be a part of the showbiz industry!”



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