Neil McLaren

Singer Wants All Of Us To Be In His Video

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

A partially-sighted singer and songwriter is offering people the chance to take part in his first music video, which will be filmed in City Square.

Dundee-born Neil McLaren, 23, will be recording the video for his single, Focus, which will be released later this year and he is inviting members of the public to join in on Saturday August 17.

Taking inspiration from a number of musical styles including pop, punk, folk and reggae, Neil said there is a “campfire sing-song feel” to his songs.

The self-taught guitarist has been playing music since he was 12 but it was only after he was signed by Two Thumbs, a local independent record label which also discovered the View, that his music career has really taken off.

He said: “I started recording the track about a year ago but things kept getting in the way.

“It has just been in the last four months that I have really got on with the album. “I have re-recorded the track and it now sounds totally different.

“The song is about having the drive to be able to be yourself and not letting anyone stop you.”

The video will show Neil as a busker in the newly revamped City Square while a girl records his performance on her phone.

Neil said: “I am totally psyched about making the video with such a big film crew.

“There is a massive concept in the video which all starts with one girl filming me singing the song outside the Caird Hall.

“Then there is a whole network as it goes in and out of devices and more and more people are there but the whole time I focused on just singing the song to her.

“It has all come so quickly but I think this is a great way to kick things off.”

Neil’s manager, Grant Dickson of Two Thumbs, added: “I first saw Neil at a local radio competition at the start of this year.

“Although he didn’t win the competition, I thought I saw potential in some of his songs and offered him the chance to come to Tpot Studio and work with Robin Evans, who has produced the View and the Manic Street Preachers, amongst others.

“Neil recorded a fabulous track, perfect for radio and we managed to persuade an award-winning local film company, Flyboy Creative, to help produce a video.

“I have worked with Dundee City Council in the past and am supporting the City of Culture bid, so felt that we could pull all these resources to make something that could include a big crowd of local people supporting a local lad who 
has achieved in the face of adversity.

“Dundee is a city that has thrived in the face of challenges throughout history and as Neil is registered blind he seemed to represent what’s best in our local spirit.”

Neil is still working on other songs for his album, which it is hoped will 
be released some time next summer.

Anyone who would like to answer the call for extras with phones and tablets to be part of the crowd scene can get in touch with Flyboy Creative by email at


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