‘Music industry thinks all female singers sound the same’

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Lucy Rose A singer songwriter from Warkwickshire  says it’s ‘frustrating’ that she gets compared to other female artists solely because of gender

Claiming that female artists get compared to one another just because they’re female – in a way that never happens to their male peers.

Speaking on BBC Radio 6 Music earlier today (August 12), Rose recalled a recent interview in which she was told that it’s currently easier for a female artist to become successful than a male artist.

“I was like, ‘That’s so not true in any way’,” Rose said. “When I was looking for a label and had offers, there was one that would put an offer in and then they’d sign another girl and be like ‘We’ll have to sign you on a different one of our labels [now]’… And they sign, like, a hundred acts or something.”

Rose proceeded to add: “People think we’re all the same – like all girls sound the same. Boys would never be compared like girls are compared. I’ll be compared to just any female singer who’s current now, irrelevant to what their music is or my music is, just because we’re female. And that would never happen with guys or bands. It’s really frustrating.”

How much do you agree with Lucy Rose? Do you agree that female singers are all compared to one another regardless of their style. Is Emeli Sande the new Adele? Are girls ‘packaged’ to sound the same to sell? Or is this just  frequent record label marketing regardless of gender? 


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