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Norfolk Singing Lessons

Ben is based in Norwich, Norfolk and is a world renowned singer having performed in the West End where he won ‘Best West End Newcomer of the Year’ and has also opened the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham.

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Money Management Tips for Musicians >

There are many articles out there telling musicians about all the cool ways they can make money in today’s music industry. However, all that money that you could potentially make probably won’t equate to very much if you don’t have an understanding...

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The Anatomy of Sound Through You. >

You should think of your voice as a musical instrument. Like any other acoustic instrument, it has a motor (your breath), a vibrating element (your vocal folds, aka vocal cords), and a resonant chamber (throat, oral cavity, nasal cavity). And just...

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Press Releases

Do your know your own voice? >

Many of us singers are very good at listening to other singers’ voices, and noting how they sound like, and even how their voice has changed over the years, in the various albums that they have released. However, when it comes to our own singing...

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